Belal Muhammad rips Leon Edwards for wanting UFC title shot after controversial eye-poke


There seems to be a conflict of opinions on what Leon Edwards should do next after his controversial no contest at the weekend.

Britain’s Edwards took on Belal Muhammad at UFC Las Vegas 21 on Saturday but the fight came to a halt early in round two when Edwards accidentally poked Muhammad’s eye.

It doesn’t sound too serious, but as you can see from the image, a lot of damage was done.

Rocky was winning the fight in those early stages. Precious few people would deny Edwards was in control and had won the first round.

Still, we’ll never truly know where that fight would have gone. The instant idea would have been that the two men face-off again and settle it, but Edwards doesn’t see it that way.

You can understand how Belal Muhammad couldn’t continue!

“No, I don’t feel a need to fight him again,” Edwards said at the post-fight news conference. “I only fought him because all the other guys turned me down.

“The writing was on the wall and I was winning the fight clearly. I don’t feel I need to fight him again. I need to move forward.”

Muhammad sees it very differently.

“Never saw someone act so tough after poking someone in the eye. The fight was just getting going and if you’re satisfied to end it on that note, your soft you ain’t getting a title fight off that. I took the fight on three weeks notice and came to fight. Run it back UFC.”

Leon Edwards made sure he apologised to Belal Muhammad

The 32-year-old was on a four-fight win streak himself and is the number 13 ranked welterweight in the world. Edwards is  number three on an eight-fight win streak – the third most in the history of the division.

They could run it back in the next couple of months but Edwards seems to think he’ll get the winner of Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman whenever that gets confirmed.

UFC president Dana White will have to decide Edwards’ fate; after all, he did say Edwards would get the next shot with an impressive win over Muhammad, but that’s not what happened.


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