Tom Homan slams Biden, Dems for blaming Trump for new border surge: ‘They planned this crisis’


Former acting ICE director Tom Homan slammed the Biden administration for blaming former President Trump over the migrant surge at the border, saying that the crisis unfolding was “planned” during the presidential campaign.

On “Fox & Friends,” Homan said that the Biden administration has undone many of the successes of the Trump administration in regards to immigration policy, including the Remain in Mexico policy.

TOM HOMAN: “In 2020, the alien children numbers were down 70% from the year prior. Illegal immigration was down 50-80% depending on what month you looked at. Last month, Joe Biden’s policy created a 300% increase in alien children…

“The border is not secure because the Biden administration has undone all the success of the Trump administration. You got a job to do, educate yourself, give me a call I’ll tell you how to fix it, but you can’t go on national TV and say this is President Trump’s fault…

They can’t admit to the American people that they planned this crisis. When Joe Biden made those promises during the campaign of ending ICE detention, ending the Remain in Mexico program, giving amnesty and DACA and healthcare…

When you make those types of promises you know they’re going to come. So they can’t go on national TV and say we sold out America to win an election. Joe Biden can’t say I folded to the left to get votes and gave up the security of the border. Again, the most secure border we’ve ever seen under President Trump.”


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